About Renting Facilities at
Warren County Career Center


(Equal Access)

Use of Facilities - It is recognized by the Board that the Warren County Vocational School District and its facilities belong to citizens of the District; therefore, facilities will be made available to community groups whenever possible.  To accomplish this objective, when school facilities are not in use for school purposes, the Board shall, upon payment of the prescribed fee and subject to the requirements of applicable regulations, permit the use of school facilities for auxiliary, educational, recreational, cultural, civic, social, religious or other Board approved purposes.

The Board of Education believes that grounds and facilities of the The Warren County Career Center should be made available for community and public purposes, provided that such use does not infringe on the original and necessary purpose of the property or interfere with the educational program of the schools and is harmonious with the purposes of this district.

Facilities Rental Procedures
  • Complete the online facility rental request by navigating here.
    (If you need assistance, call (513) 932-8145 ext. 5271).
  • Upon completion of the facility rental request an estimate of charges will be prepared.
  • Persons and organizations requesting to use WCCC's facilities must provide a certificate of insurance, 501(c) certificate (proof of non-profit designation) if applicable, before rental requests will be finalized. Documentation may be attached to the request or submitted to Chris Benitez, WCCC, Adult Education Office, 3525 N. State Route 48, email: [email protected] or faxed (513) 932-2304.
  • Requests will be considered based upon facility availability, prospective rental classification, and pursuant to receipt of documents. Prospective renters will be notified of approval or denial via email.